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From the Blog

About Me

Dominique-Hurley-headshotHi! I’m Dominique – an intuitive artist and lightworker.

I create art and inspiration for your heart and soul.

My paintings, photography, and other inspirational offerings are about connection, empowerment, and transformation. 

My co-creative process involves channeling Source, guides, angels, and the universal energy flow that nourishes our body, mind and spirit.  The resulting intuitive artwork opens up a portal for you on your transformational journey.

I’m here to help you make the shift.

If you’re reading this, than you know you’ve been called here for a reason.  Happy exploration!

Now, that’s the short version….  For the longer one, click here.


Regina Wright

“I spend a lot of time carefully choosing sacred objects for my office because they, in no small way, impact the healing sessions.  I have four beautiful pieces of art from Dominique that I selected based on the four elements; the healing they bring to the space is amazing. Clients initially sit in a chair between fire and water and comment that they already feel so supported and are ready to go to a deep level.  My beautiful big goddess painting helps clients both reach for the sky as well as stay grounded and connected to mother earth.  Most clients comment on how beautiful the paintings are and how much they love the space.”

Regina WrightShamanic Healer (St. John’s, NL)Balanced Energy Healing
Beata Van Berkom

“I went through a shocking end to my 17 year marriage in 2009. During my recovery process, I found Ms. Hurley’s artwork. I bought a very small painting first. I realized later it reflected my fear of not being worth a larger piece. Slowly I kept being drawn to more of her works and finally ended up creating my new space with 12 of her paintings gracing my walls. These paintings brought me a sense of self worth, tranquility, beauty and inspiration. These were exactly the energies I needed to survive into my new life as single mother. Thanks in part to my love affair with Dominique’s art I am thriving in my new world. I always give new guests to my home the HURLEY tour. Thank you Dominique. Keep creating healing for our world.”

Beata Van BerkomTin Foil Hat Lady (Saskatoon, SK)Blog
Lisa Wechtenhiser

“Oh Dominique, your work is LOVELY! My goodness, such a very high vibration!”

Lisa WechtenhiserHigh Priestess of the Woo (Washington, USA)Practically Intuitive
Dana Lynne Andersen

“Your energy and spirit are inspiring. I was touched by your sincerity, soul wisdom and childlike wonder. And I continue to be amazed at your blogging- you are so dedicated – and what you offer is rich with many treasures.”

Dana Lynne AndersenCreative Director (Italy)Academy of Art, Creativity and Consciousness

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